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   Sesatek is your solution provider

   Some of the solutions provided by our company is given on this page.

   For any query in our solutions please contact sales@sesatek.com.


q       SCADA Solutions – SesaSCADA

Sesatek presents an effective solution for SCADA systems based OPC (OLE for Process Controlling) to fulfill your requirements :

§         OPC based, Open & Flexible System Configuration

§         User friendly interface & effective solution in minimum time

§         Total solution possibility with SesaDAS data acquisition systems

§         Easy integration with popular SCADA systems

§         Wide range communication possibilities

q       Data Acquisition Systems - SesaDAS

Our enhanced SasaDAS systems which has been designed for rough industrial environments, supplies robust & cost effective solution :

§         Industrial Design

§         Flexible I/O point configuration

§         Wide communication possibilities

§         Easy integration with existing SCADA & Automation solutions

§         Total solution with SesaSCADA software

q       Communication & Protocol Implementation  - SesaCOM

Sesatek has been developed communication solutions for following Industrial Standards :

§         Automation Protocols as Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus etc. standard protocols,

§         Telecontrol Protocols as IEC 60870-5-101/102/103/104 and IEC 61850, IEC 61107, COSEM etc. 

q       Analyzing - Reporting & Billing Software - SesaBAR

§         Interface with existing SCADA solutions via industrial standards as ODBC, DDE, OPC, FTP, TCP/IP, 

§         Multiple database solutions for different level of requirements & budget  MS SQL/Sybase/Access MDB,

§         Easy integration & effective solution with SesaSCADA

q       Simulation Software - SesaSIM

§         Specific simulation software : Switchyard automation, flow simulation etc.

§         SesaSIM brings plant to the office ! Easy integration and data flow possibilities with existing automation systems (SCADA & PLC systems) 

§         Plant simulation software that accelerate accommodation phase of the project by working integrated with PLC and SCADA system.


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